Plawres Sanshiro episode 1

Robot wrestling anime that some pretty cool animators, including Yoshinori Kanada, worked on.

The bad: the subs are complete trash, and the sub group also decided to watermark their logo onto the video permanently. Freaking WONDERFUL. But hey, at least it seems like a different group takes over later.

The good: Even with all the fansubber nonsense, the episode itself was pretty damned entertaining. It’s just a toy ad cartoon, sure, and very 80s, but it’s 80s-like in the best of ways. The color use is very stylish and appealing, the music is fun, the character designs and animation have that cartoony Urusei Yatsura look to them and best of all, the robots always strike awesome Yoshinori Kanada-like poses while fighting and simply move really well. It’s a very Kanada-esque show with funding from what I assume is a decently rich toy company, and it shows.

Plus, hey, ROBOT WRESTLING. What’s there to not like?

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